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About Sky Blue Farm

For as long as I’ve been involved in health and wellness I’ve noticed how everyone around me has been fooled by a corrupt food and medical system. Corporate interests intentionally misleading the public in order to suck them into poor health while stealing the money of those hard working people.

Nutrition plays the largest role in our health, it’s what we invest the most time and money into, and it’s certainly the most difficult part to get right, that is, if you aren’t eating naturally raised foods. If one was to solely purchase all of their food from a local farm that is free of agrochemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, where animals are grazing their intended diets, you wouldn’t have much to think about.

I’ve always pushed people to buy meat from local farms, and by local farms I didn’t really mean just a farm that was nearby. I meant a farm that was practicing the characteristics of a small, sustainable farm ecosystem, feeding animals their natural, intended, wild quality diets. The end goal here is to obtain nutrition, not to virtue signal about how much you are doing for the environment or your local economy.

That being said, the majority of farms overcharge for their products, and are not much better quality than the grass-fed meat I can get at my local supermarket. Many have taken advantage of the marketing term, evident by any farmers market nearby. Good luck finding a ribeye steak cheaper for $25/lb at the Union Square Green Market, I bet its closer to $40/lb. Considering we need to eat high quality animal foods to be healthy, why isn’t anyone doing the right thing and making it affordable?

The initial goal with Sky Blue Farm is to provide grass-fed dairy products, grain-free high nutrient eggs, as well as local beef. We will start with mostly cow dairy, chicken, eggs, and beef. After several months we will try to also include sheep and goat dairy, duck eggs, as well as pork and chicken of the highest caliber.

This has always seemed like a dream to me, and now that it’s coming to be a real possibility in the next few months, I couldn’t be more excited to say that we will likely be selling these products before the end of this year.

Our product quality will be unmatched. The care that goes into every aspect of raising the animal will be so extreme that it will be cost-prohibitive. We are about providing the most nutritious foods possible and will make it just as profitable as it needs to be.

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